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Your Challenges

Are you a Director about to embark on a significant modernization project for a web application? Are your web products’ UI and UX fragmented? Do you keep getting inconsistent deliverables from developers when you request front-end features?

Often, we are so pressed for time that we want to see something coded urgently. We don’t take the time to plan things out, afraid that we are going to end up in analysis paralysis. We tell ourselves, “we’ll figure it out,” as we force development teams to produce something tangible. And then, when we finally implement an interactive experience that is somewhat “usable,” we need to scale and improve it. However, the look and feel of the application is not consistent because developers just did copy-&-paste of styles or components that are hard to update.

It’s like building a house without a blueprint.

Learn From Me

Read my articles and watch my video presentations to learn how to take your Designers ideas and make them concrete.

Learn what it takes to build a UI Library to create a reusable set of web components that will bring speed, quality, and flexibility to your team’s development efforts.

Having problems documenting best practices and how to use your UI Library? No problem, I will tell you how easy it is to leverage existing frameworks and libraries that make documenting your components easy and part of your development process.

Lastly, I will share my thoughts and knowledge on everything related to developing UI in real-world business settings. You will receive information on current best practices and further understand modern technologies powering UI development.


To call Guillermo a rock star among rock stars is no overstatement. I had the distinct pleasure to work with him at Visa for a number of years on projects from small two-person efforts to large global deployments where he managed cross-functional teams. At every size, he always had a level of dedication and professionalism to his leadership that was the envy of any team that he led. Additionally, Guillermo has the unique ability to drive a product or process to completion while at the same time maintaining and growing the respect of his team and business stakeholders. It was an absolute pleasure working with Guillermo and hope to do so again in the future.

Robert Nellis, Sr Director, Visa Inc.

Guillermo has truly been a pleasure to work with on this project. Not only is he knowledgeable and produces top level UI components in Angular, but he is a fantastic communicator as well. He diligently added to our company’s wiki, took time to make sure his co-workers understood how his code worked, gave thorough demos, and provided ideas for process improvements that were very valuable to our team.

Larry Jex, Software Engineer, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Guillermo is the consummate professional. He is very easy to work with and his Angular knowledge is immense for which I am grateful to have learned a lot from him. He writes thorough and clean documentation of the work he has done. Guillermo also picks up on new technology quite easily and produces production ready code. It was a pleasure having Guillermo as a teammate.

David Avila, Sr Software Engineer, Donnelley Financial Solutions

I had the opportunity to work with Guillermo while at DFIN. Guillermo is a highly productive and professional software developer that cares about driving the team and product forward. His proficiency in Angular was invaluable. He led efforts on our team to prioritize clean semantic tagging, accessibility, documentation and testing. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend him for any project.

Roberto Torres, Sr Software Engineer, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Guillermo was a terrific person to work with. Proactive, professional, and dedicated. Guillermo is a very knowledgeable and talented Software Developer. He is a detail-oriented team player. His expertise in Angular, JavaScript, and industry-standard development best practices made him great to work with. Coupled with Guillermo’s positive attitude towards work makes him truly missed as a member of our team!

Jimmy Kurian, Software Engineer, Donnelley Financial Solutions

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