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Now Available: Video Tutorial on Code Splitting An Angular Library

Hello everybody!

As promised, here is my first video tutorial showing you how to go about splitting your component library into separate JavaScript bundles in Angular v9. 

I decided to split the tutorial into separate videos and add them to a playlist. That way, you are able to jump around to the portions of the video that you find relevant. Let me know what you think about the organization.

This is the breakdown of how the videos are organized:

  1. Tutorial introduction
  2. The business case as to why you would want to code split your UI library
  3. The problem you will be tackling and resolving as part of the tutorial
  4. Tutorial structure and flow
  5. How to properly set up an Angular library
  6. How to include an external package in your library distribution
  7. How to split your Angular library into separate bundles
  8. How to analyze an Angular application’s build bundle
  9. The end result of following our tutorial and summary

View the video and let me know what you think about the material covered. Was it valuable to you? Do you want to see more about this topic? Are there other topics you want to see? 

Please let me know what improvements I can make! Critical feedback is much appreciated.