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You Reap What You Sow with Software Development Teams

Having led multiple teams in web app projects, I have learned a few things about likely outcomes. The results you are getting in a software development team are always a reflection of how you have built the system. Culture and processes will always outweigh any individual talent.

Are you frustrated that your off-shore development teams are not performing on as high of a level as your domestic teams? This is a direct reflection of how good you have:

  1. Trained them on best practices and made it dead simple to do the right thing and almost impossible to do the wrong thing
  2. Nourished the culture and processes to enable continuous learning and peak performance.

Are you frustrated that one or more of your team members keep breaking the production? It’s maybe because you are:

  1. Not doing pull requests and code reviews
  2. Not running enough automated unit tests before merging the pull requests
  3. Not testing critical areas before merging the pull request with end-to-end tests

It is all about systems, and you have to take responsibility for designing them, so they perform at the highest level. As a web architect, you need to put guardrails in place so that developers don’t have to think too much. Please make it so that they only solve challenges related to the feature and not their code.